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Some info about Cigarettes Camel Cigarettes Camel Cigarettes has enjoyed nearly a century of outstanding success, and what was true of the original Camel Cigarette is just as true today -- it's a "Pleasure to Burn." Introduced in 1913, Camel became R.J. Reynolds' first major cigarette brand and the country's first nationally marketed cigarette. Camel's unique blend of flue-cured, burley and exotic Turkish tobaccos made it the nation's No. 1 selling brand just four years after its introduction. An authentic original, Camel Cigarettes is a brand with a rich heritage and one that also keeps up with the times. Introduced in 1913, Camel Cigarettes was R.J. Reynolds' first major cigarette brand and the country's first nationally marketed cigarette. Camel's combination of a classic nature and contemporary flair reinforce the brand's position as a flavorful cigarette with a rich heritage, a colorful personality and an irreverent sense of humor. Camel Cigarettes promotes three different families of flavor -- Classic, Turkish and Exotic Blends. The Classic styles, which represent the bulk of the brand's business, offer rich tobacco taste. Camel's Turkish family offers smooth and mellow versions of the brand's distinctive flavor. Camel Exotic Blends, a line of premium-priced, limited-edition luxury blends, offer adult smokers indulgent taste signatures. Camel is an investment brand because it is R.J. Reynolds' largest and fastest-growing full-price brand and has a track record of consistent share growth and marketplace momentum. And the brand's relevant and unique positioning has made it one of the few full-price brands in the industry that has shown sustained growth. Kool Cigarettes Launched in 1933, Kool Cigarette was the first menthol brand to gain nationwide distribution -- and it quickly became one of the world's most famous menthol cigarettes. Kool Cigarette is distinctive among menthol cigarettes because it delivers an intense menthol smoking experience that is bold, yet smooth. Kool achieves the perfect balance of rich tobacco taste by combining specially blended tobaccos with the fresh flavor that comes from 100-percent natural menthol. The fusion of tobacco and menthol is symbolized by the interlocking "O's" in the Kool logo, which are present today in much the same form as on the original packaging. Kool's Cigarettes image and brand personality is demonstrated through dynamic advertising and relevant lifestyle programs, which continue to drive its position as a leading premium brand. Kool celebrates the energy created by diverse cultures, music and fashion, and the brand draws its energy and inspiration from the intensity of vibrant, urban life. Kool Cigarettes captures a sense of boldness, confidence and self-_expression -- combining it into a unique brand experience. Kool is an investment brand because its heritage and proven appeal among adult smokers of competitive menthol brands provide an excellent platform for future growth. Winston Cigarettes Winston Cigarette was introduced in 1955 and became the first nationally popular filtered cigarette. By 1966, Winston became the best-selling cigarette in the nation, a position it held for 10 years. Today, Winston remains one of the country's top-10 cigarette brands. Winston's "Leave the Bull Behind" attitude is backed by its unique, additive-free product point-of-difference – naturally smooth tobacco taste. Salem Cigarettes Salem Cigarette was introduced in 1956 as the first filtered menthol cigarette. Salem eventually dominated the menthol category -- becoming one of the world's best-selling brands. Today, Salem Cigarettes remains one of the best-selling menthol brands in the United States. Salem stands apart from other menthol cigarettes with its imaginative "Stir the Senses" positioning, innovative packaging and distinctive product blends. Doral Cigarettes Doral Cigarette was introduced in 1969 and repositioned in 1984 as a savings brand, becoming the first branded cigarette to compete in the growing value segment. Doral Cigarettes quickly became -- and continues to be -- the leading savings brand in the United States. The brand's "Imagine Getting More" positioning builds on Doral's core promise -- offering adult smokers more value for their money. The brand will continue to fulfill this promise through its primary communication vehicles -- the successful and long-running Doral & Company relationship-marketing program and it’s popular. Pall Mall Cigarettes Pall Mall Cigarette was introduced in 1899 as one of the world's first premium cigarettes. In 1939, Pall Mall launched the first "king-size" (85 millimeter) cigarette; in 1966 the brand launched the first 100-millimeter cigarette -- both giving adult smokers more value for the same amount of money. In 2001, the brand was re-launched nationally as the "new filtered" Pall Mall Cigarettes -- a savings cigarette that tastes smooth, burns slower and lasts longer. The brand is successful because it offers premium quality combined with smooth smoking satisfaction and a noticeable product point of difference. Eclipse Cigarettes Eclipse is a new-generation cigarette that primarily heats, rather than burns, tobacco. Compared to other cigarettes, Eclipse reduces secondhand smoke by 80 percent, produces no ashes and leaves no lingering odor or visible staining on glass or fabrics. Based on extensive scientific studies, R.J. Reynolds has also concluded that Eclipse may present less risk of certain, but not all, smoking-related diseases when compared to other cigarettes. Eclipse demonstrates R.J. Reynolds' commitment to developing products that have the potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking.

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